Richard Dawkins and Jon Stewart’s intelligent discussion of Faith and Science

jon stewart richard dawkins

Click on this to go to the Extended Interview Part 1 on the Daily Show.

Check out this beautiful segment of the Daily Show. Richard Dawkins meets Jon Stewart. Jon holds his own in talking about Faith vs. Science–a topic Dawkins has talked about a lot.  Jon brings up some valid points about faith and science both being good when in good hands, and both being evil in evil hands.

This segment is entitled: Will the World End by Crazies driven by their Faith or Crazies driven by their Science?

This is only part 1 of a 3 part extended interview. But it’s very thought provoking. In the next segment, which is my favorite (but which I couldn’t find in a Youtube or WordPress acceptable source) Richard Dawkins and Jon talk specifically about Faith. Find the rest of this extended interview by clicking on this link EXTENDED INTERVIEW WITH RICHARD DAWKINS

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